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Webcast: Are We Driving Revenue or Driving Customers? Knowing the Difference and Developing Strategies for Success

October 27, 2015
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10:00 AM

The CMO Council, in partnership with Pegasystems, has been asking senior marketing leaders about which core aspects of their customer experience strategies have developed the most robust and profitable results with their customers. Early indicators point to some key areas of interest:


  • Personalization based on customer voice and insights is the top strategy that marketers believe will lead to maximized profitability from customer engagements.
  • While marketers believe their view of the customer is getting better all the time, most say that their ability to deliver on the marketing promises being made by the brand is really a hit or miss situation.
  • Many marketers are moving away from campaign metrics to define success and shifting toward revenue metrics to gauge performance—and with that in mind, they admit they are not yet fully realizing optimal revenue potential from their customers


As these findings continue to emerge, marketers have started to question whether their marketing and engagement strategies are truly guiding customers through the buying and engagement journeys or if they are just getting pushed into the next best campaign. The question becomes: Are our customer experience strategies purpose-built to drive revenue through insight-driven customer experiences that lead to robust relationships, or are we just driving customers through an automated process to a single purchase? Moreover, do we know the difference between these two paths?


The CMO Council hosted a one-hour interactive webcast that shared leading insights from experts and peers to address how real-time marketing decisions are directly impacting customer engagement in this age of “un-marketing.” We also discussed the findings of a current CMO Council study of senior marketing executives and heard from industry experts and marketing leaders on where and how strategies are being developed that look to connect and aggregate key points of customer insight, as well as identified how those insights are working to create personalized experiences, enriched customer journeys and next best actions based on the customer.


Speakers included:


  • Liz Miller, SVP Marketing - CMO Council
  • Vincent Jeffs, Director of Product Marketing - Pegasystems
  • Chris Helle, Executive Director of Brand Marketing & Strategy, XFINITY - Comcast
  • Cynthia Ricciardi, VP CRM - SiriusXM