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Webcast: Beyond Digital to Experience: Big Trends Shaping the Experience of Tomorrow

December 10, 2015
To Watch On-Demand, Please See Below
11:00 AM

According to a recent CMO Council study, the ability to achieve a truly personalized, enriched and highly relevant digital experience has been challenged by data availability and aggregation—and more specifically, getting to the right intelligence that can be learned from this wealth of data. “Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction,” a report completed in partnership with IBM, reveals that only 21 percent of corporate marketers believe they are doing a very good job of captivating and engaging their audiences while only 19 percent feel they are doing a good job of creating campaigns that reach and resonate with their diverse and complex customer bases.


But just as customers keep evolving their own expectations for experience, service and engagement from the brands they choose to do business with, global trends and technology evolutions also threaten to drive the ability to exceed customer expectations further and further out of marketing’s reach. This digital disruption that is being powered by the customer requires each marketer to look forward to spot key trends that are on the horizon so that organizations can start laying a solid foundation to enable the rapid advancement of the digital agenda.


From the advancement of the digital enterprise to the rise of the new API economy that is already disrupting major industries to the rapid advancement of the Internet of things—soon to be the Internet of everything—digital experience is posed to transform. The real question will be whether our organizations are ready for this opportunity or if we be struggling to catch up. 


The CMO Council, in partnership with IBM Digital Experience, explored the opportunities, requirements, challenges and strategies needed to stay ahead of the curve and take optimal advantage of the key experience trends and transformations shaking up marketing in the coming year. Among the issues discussed in the interactive hour-long webcast:


  • Marketing’s reaction to how key tech trends will impact operations and business
  • Insights into where, how and why these technology trends will change how our customers choose to engage—and who customers will turn to for new experiences
  • Best practices in leveraging and integrating these technology trends, from APIs to capitalizing on the Internet of things
  • Examples and case studies of brands that have radically shifted customer expectations for experience thanks to these emerging trends
  • What’s next—from cognitive computing to enabling the customer-defined journey—and how do we prepare for what used to sound like science fiction?




  • Liz Miller, SVP Marketing - CMO Council
  • Dario Debarbieri, Worldwide Marketing Director - Systems Group - Middleware - IBM
  • Elina Vilk, Head of Marketing - PayPal