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Webcast: The Lost Customer: Bridging the Gap Between The Known and Unknown

November 17, 2015
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There is a classic statement that you “can’t know what you don’t know,” and in today’s digital age of tracking and cookies and customer intelligence and tracking, the unknown is a terrifying thing indeed. Customers who are known through traditional channels enable a degree of personalization where the picture of the individual is clear. But digital channels offer customers more control and offer marketers opportunities to better aid, enable and empower our customers—if marketers can see the customer clearly. Through the lens of digital channels, however, the view of the individual customer can be quite a bit fuzzier.


The unknown digital audience sends us back into the abyss of marketing days past when we simply didn’t know what our customer was expecting or even anticipating…and personalized experiences were a far-off aspiration.


According to a recent eConsultancy study, individualization is a mandate, not an option…and revenue is at stake for those who cannot enrich the experience. According to the report, 94 percent of marketers believed that personalization was critical to business success. And for marketers who have been able to engage in personalized digital experiences, the reward was an estimated 20-percent increase in sales. It proves that we know our customers—we value their behaviors, their intentions and are ready to help, enrich, amaze and even entertain.


But individualization has been only possible with the known customer until now. The unknown customer, more often than not, is lost. Today’s marketer simply cannot afford to relegate the unknown visitor to being lost to individualization and engagement. Savvy marketers are bridging the gap between the known and unknown, getting smarter about the tools and technologies needed to identify key behaviors, cues and indicators that can quickly and seamlessly shift every engagement into a real-time interaction opportunity.


The CMO Council hosted a one-hour interactive webcast that debated and discussed the challenges, best practices and opportunities to be found by diving into the unknown to create more robust and profitable experiences and engagements. Teradata industry leaders joined the CMO Council and shared their insights into how leading-edge brands are asking new questions of their data and interaction platforms to gain integrated insights about individual customers. 



  • Liz Miller - SVP Marketing - CMO Council
  • Colin Reid - Sr. Director of Digital Strategy - Teradata
  • Jonathan Ruchman - Sr. Director, Brand Experience - Brookdale Senior Living