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What Makes Consumers Click
Predicting Tomorrow’s Trends with Fast Advertising

September 22, 2021
10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time
In Partnership with: BrandTotal

What is covered:

One of the best and worst things about social media is its real-time nature; consumers respond to your ads, and your competitor’s ads, instantaneously. That’s the whole foundation behind fast advertising: responding in real time to events as they happen. However, the current reality is that many brands are reacting, rather than proactively responding and getting ahead of trends.


Unless you have a way of collecting and analyzing the reaction of consumers across your entire competitive category, you’re flying blind. The result? Missed opportunities, or worse, you continue to fund ads that negatively impact your brand.


Join us for an in-depth look on how your consumer brand can identify trends as they arise. For example, how do you put your finger on the pulse of social, lifestyle, environmental, cultural, sustainability, corporate responsibility, and employer brand trends with real-time data in the category that matters to you?


We’ll explore how to see beyond your brand and get insights much earlier to predict and plan your strategy. Participants will also learn how competitive social intelligence can help you:


  • Understand competitors’ creative and messaging strategy
  • See how other brands and consumers are responding in real time
  • See consumer sentiment nuances between public ads, dark ads, and organic posts
  • Understand competitors’ media mix and channel strategy


All of this will help you see what and how other companies are reacting and how their efforts resonate with consumers, so you can learn, get inspired, or pivot your own strategy. One thing is clear: the ability to access real-time actionable insights is changing the industry.  It gives you the power to enhance your brand story, powerfully connect with audiences, and become a thought leader. Won’t you join us to learn more?



Alon Leibovich

Alon Leibovich

CEO and co-founder, BrandTotal.

Alon Leibovich is the CEO and co-founder of BrandTotal. Leibovich is a pioneer in the brandtech space, empowering Fortune 500 companies to break through in the social landscape by leveraging competitive analytics. A marketing and advertising veteran, Alon spent years at leading agencies including McCann. He successfully raised $20M in total funding for BrandTotal and launched the company internationally. Alon is a member of Forbes Business Council, and holds a BA in Business Administration and Psychology from Ben-Gurion University, and a MSc from the Technion in Behavioral and Business Administration sciences.

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Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey

Director of Market Strategy, Salesforce

Mathew Sweezey is the Director of Market Strategy for Salesforce, and Partner in the Salesforce Futures LAB. He is 2X author, with his latest book The Context Marketing Revolution published by Harvard Business was just named the Best Marketing Book of 2021 by Axiom.  He is regarded as one of the leading minds on the future of marketing and his visionary insights into consumer behavior, technology, and new business strategies have changed the way startups, Fortune 500, and nonprofit organizations alike find customers, break through, and build modern brands. In addition to his work with brands, Mathew is the host of the award-winning podcast The Electronic Propaganda Society and an accomplished writer having written for The Economist, Forbes, Harvard Business, The Observer, AdWeek, and Adage. 

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Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield

Senior Vice President, Global Growth & Partnerships, BrandTotal

Passionate about growing brands and helping them punch above their weight. Seriously obsessed with the end-to-end cycle of brand growth; from market trends and consumer insights, through creative and media performance all the way to consumer engagement and brand performance. I love experimenting, learning and iterating to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy. As Global Head of Growth & Partnerships for BrandTotal, I lead revenue growth across all channels worldwide.

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Sally Lopez

Sally Lopez

Senior Director of Marketing Programs and Operations, CMO Council

Sally brings diverse program management skills to the CMO Council and its affiliated executive networks where she directs market research, content marketing and go-to-market campaigns. She manages cross-functional relationships across the organization to ensure each program meets and exceeds its intended goals. She serves as the direct point of contact for clients and sponsors, conducts executive interviews across a wide variety of tops, and leads a team of researchers and content developers to execute a range of thought leadership marketing programs. This includes market research, competitive analysis, content delivery, website development and email marketing programs. A multi-lingual professional, Sally holds an International MBA from Middlebury's Institute of International Studies as well as a Masters in International Policy.

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