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2011-02-10 16:00:00 2011-02-10 17:00:00 Zooppa University: Creative Crowdsourcing 101 Register with Zooppa University today and learn how creative crowdsourcing:      * Generates hundreds of creative ideas      * Virtual: Go To Meeting (Dial-In Details Sent after Registration) CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

Zooppa University: Creative Crowdsourcing 101

February 10, 2011
Virtual: Go To Meeting (Dial-In Details Sent after Registration)

ZOOPPA UNIVERSITY’S mission is to educate its attendees about the benefits and best practices of creative crowdsourcing and user-generated advertising. Led by members of our team, our Creative Crowdsourcing 101 course provides attendees an overview of how brands and agencies can leverage the model as a strategic marketing tool. The course will offer insights gained from nearly 200 creative crowdsourcing campaigns with major brands like AT&T, Amazon, Diesel, Samsung, Mini Cooper and Universal Studios. We’ll use case studies to highlight benefits, best practices and metrics to illustrate how a crowdsourcing platform can meet your marketing needs. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask instructors questions and will be emailed two case studies at the conclusion of the course.

Brand managers, marketers, advertisers, digital strategists and any one who seeks to generate quality creative content and deeper consumer engagement should attend.

REGISTER HERE FOR THE FEBRUARY 10TH WEBINAR: http://crowdsourcingwebinar10th.eventbrite.com/