Advancing the Omni-Channel Agenda

Rapidly changing core demands by the modern day consumer coupled with the shared objective between telcos and brands to advance the omni-channel experience, as drawn from the report Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience, reveals areas of opportunity in which telcos and brands can collaborate on data-driven insights for omni-channel optimization to transform the customer journey experience. Data sourcing, customer insights, and behavioral analytics are areas where telcos and brands can work together in meeting the expectations of the modern customer, as identified by 58 percent of telcos and 60 percent of brands. For example, addressing omni-channel needs via collaborative exchanges of data types include: Behavioral data (73 percent of brands need; 51 percent of telcos can provide); locational data (43 percent need versus 54 percent provide); demographic data (42 percent need versus 44 percent provide); and transactional data (42 percent need versus 41 percent provide). However, a lack of an effective migration plan and transformation plan is shared by both telcos (44 percent) and brands (45 percent), coupled with lack of necessary talent, technology and processes area by telcos (44 percent) and brands (33 percent). The potential to grow data-oriented, transformational strategic frameworks remains, with increasingly integrated channels providing greater value to customers and companies alike.