Capitalizing on Retail Reinvention

Changes in the global retail marketplace inspiring brands to reinvent go-to-market strategies.

A detailed study with eCommerce community leader eBay, in the report Ingenuity in the Global ECommerce Community, focuses on the revolutionary influence of global eCommerce  marketplaces and the importance they hold in influencing brands to adapt to new marketing mindsets. With over half of brand marketers (56 percent) reporting that eCommerce communities are reinventing the global retail marketplace, and 46 percent claiming a forced rethink of every go-to-market aspect, these  marketers agree that it is vital to leverage consumer behavioral data-insights for focused engagement efforts. Over half of marketers believe consumers are switching to eCommerce marketplaces due to how easy it is to search and find products (65 percent), their 24/7 convenience (59 percent), and their lower prices coupled with pricing transparency (51 percent). Brands can capitalize on growing eCommerce revenue streams and uniquely differentiate themselves amongst a growing eCommerce community through commitments to create visually, engaging content via intimate and direct interactions with the customer, while allowing seamless convenience to shop in channels as effectively identified through smart use of shopper intelligence.