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Adaptability in Branded Content Delivery

Modifying and Localizing Production-Ready Creative at Scale

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CMOs at global organizations know that presenting brand materials with a localized look, feel and geographically relevant content is critical to their sales and engagement strategies. In fact, iterating a brand's creative inspiration and output at scale to better resonate with cross-cultural consumers and diverse audiences on a local level is a new global mandate for CMOs.

Yet despite keen recognition and a willingness to allocate both budget and resources to deliver market-localized materials, many CMOs are stymied by the cost of supporting adaption of creative content across a growing multitude of regions and handling the logistics of localization at scale.

The CMO Council and HH Global joined together to ignite a dialogue around new platforms, opportunities and mandates for rapid deployment and expansion of market localization across all creative adaptation programs. The findings of the study were released in a global report that featured insights into the drivers for increasingly localized content, key challenges around the cost and timeliness of localized campaigns, and what steps are being taken to increase relevancy across both global and local markets.

Key Topics Explored Include:

  • How well marketers are translating their brand’s creative strategy across all digital and physical marketing channels, including merchandising locations, promotional literature, advertising, packaging, and sales materials
  • How effectively marketers are adapting, modifying and/or localizing their branded content for different markets, audiences, partners and geographies
  • Key factors that are putting pressure on creative teams to be more effective at delivering production-ready creative at scale globally
  • Key challenges marketers are facing in their creative production and global delivery process
  • Level of visibility and transparency into the cost and quality of the creative delivery process

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Curated Facts & Stats

Up to 50 percent of target audiences ignores brand messages if not localized for the native language, local jargon, and cultural references.

Source: MarketingProfs

While 30 percent of marketers execute local campaigns within eight to 20 days of a national launch, 31 percent require in excess of 30 days to distribute local marketing materials.

Source: CMO Council

65 percent of senior marketing executives believe visual assets are core to a brand’s story communication to consumers.

Source: CMO Council

Nearly one-third of marketers believe a delay in distributing local marketing materials correlates to a lack of resources and bandwidth to execute global and local campaigns.

Source: CMO Council

30 percent of marketers have embraced local marketing automation platforms, resources and tools versus 62 percent who either don’t have them or recently began evaluating these options.

Source: CMO Council

Only 8 percent of brand marketers are extremely satisfied with the way new product, pricing or promotional campaigns are executed and leveraged.

Source: CMO Council

52 percent of marketers believe comprehensive brand campaign automation is necessary to strengthen ties between the head office and local customer-facing resources and touchpoints.

Source: CMO Council

36 percent of marketers have a formalized process or system for tracking the impact of national brand advertising on local market development and customer acquisition.

Source: CMO Council

About 61 percent of marketers don’t measure the impact of national brand advertising on local business performance or they have an ad hoc system for tracking effectiveness.

Source: CMO Council

Nearly 49 percent of marketers believe localized marketing is essential to business growth and profitability.

Source: CMO Council


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