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Content's Impact on Pre-Sales Intention

Content’s Role in Influencing B2B Buyers in the Purchase Process

Sponsors and Partners:

Sponsors and Partners:


The Content ROI Center and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council embarked on a research study—entitled “Content’s Impact on Pre-Sales Intention”—aimed at determining content’s role in influencing B2B buyers in the purchase process. This includes gaining a better understanding of how buyers source and share content among their peers and how this content influences the pre-sales engagement process.

As part of this program, we engaged our audience of senior-level B2B marketers to gather their perspectives and will team with NetLine to survey its audience of B2B buyers, influencers and decision makers to gather insights into the effectiveness of marketing content in generating value for customers.

The program included qualitative interviews in addition to a quantitative assessment designed to provide an in-depth, well-rounded view on the types of content being produced, how the success of this content is gauged, how content is shared, and the vision for the future of content-driven engagements.

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The increasing prevalence of AI-generated information is likely to drive a significant change in how consumers seek out information. Traditional search engines like Google may see a decline in user traffic as consumers pivot more and more toward embracing AI tools such as ChatGPT to answer their questions. This shift signifies a growing trust in artificial intelligence to curate and deliver relevant content.

Source: WSI World

82% of high performers say B2B and B2C tactics are now overlapping. This is compared to 67% of underperformers. Plus, overperformers dedicate 18% of their budget to ABM, compared to 14% for underperformers.

Source: Lxahub

Mature ABM programmes are now accounting for 79% of all sales opportunities (vs. inbound/outbound, etc.) Relative to other marketing activities, ABM delivers 97% higher ROI.

Source: Lxahub

Only 17% of marketers have mature ABM marketing strategies, while 83% are still struggling to find the perfect way to deploy ABM.

Source: Gitnux

Although AI and automation continue to rock the content landscape, 2023 will be a year of going back to the basics. Namely, creating content that puts the needs of your target audience first.