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Discovering the Pivotal Point Consumer

A milestone study of American consumer shopping behavior

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Discovering The Pivotal Point Consumer™ is a milestone study of American consumer shopping behavior that is designed to provide fresh and actionable insight, backed by detailed data, to help Consumer Packaged Goods marketers and retailers better understand and address the global challenge of fragmentation and the need for precision marketing. Conducted by Catalina Marketing's Pointer Media Network, in conjunction with the CMO Council, the study unmasks the myth of the mass market in today's CPG industry, while underscoring the importance—and scarcity—of the Pivotal Point Consumer™ that is critical to the success of every product brand.

The study is unprecendented in its breadth—and its granularity. Rather than relying on limited consumer panels or polls, the study examines the actual purchasing behavior of nearly 54 million individual American consumers over a year-long period ending August 10, 2008. The research included all grocery store shoppers in the Pointer Media Network of more than 23,000 retail grocery stores, mass merchandisers and chain drug stores in the U.S. Covering 1,364 consumer brands representing the most popular products in 328 categories, the study provides insigh into concentrations of consumers ofr major established brands, as well as emerging preference categories, popular new products and the brand extensions of leading master brands.