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Where and how mobile relationship marketing is being embraced across industries

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With approximately 5 billion users globally, the mobile phone represents one of the most pervasive channels of communications and targeted engagement in the world. The immediacy, convenience, and personal attachment to mobile phones make the device an ideal means of expanding marketing messages and enhancing engagement with a global customer base.

To address this large and rapidly expanding market of underserved mobile users, The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council along with the Mobile Marketing Association will explore where and how a new discipline -- Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) -- is being embraced across multiple industries to ensure continuous customer touch and interaction, sustained support and service, closer and more dependent connectivity, as well as greater insight and intimacy. It will also look at how MRM is creating business value, improving process efficiency, triggering product consumption and use, furthering loyalty and repeat purchase, and increasing customer feedback, assistance, affinity and advocacy.




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While 36 percent of marketers say that the market has become more cluttered and confusing over the last five years, both online and offline, 31 percent say that they are able to provide better customer experiences due to the accessibility of customer intelligence that enables them to become more relevant to customers.