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Train for Digital Marketing Gain

Advancing Online Education for Further Marketing Automation

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With more than $1.5 trillion spent on marketing and communications worldwide, and a multitude of new media channels requiring customized marketing support, there are significant incentives for global enterprises to improve their digital marketing skills. To address these market imperatives, the CMO Council is providing global leadership in addressing the urgent need to expand, equip and upgrade the digital marketing workforce.

This authority leadership initiative will collectivize key stakeholders with vested interests in building digital marketing proficiency, acumen and capacity to deploy and fully utilize marketing technology solutions. The CMO Council will mobilize its 10,000-plus members to actively engage in furthering the capabilities of internal digital marketing teams, the knowledge of its marketing and business leaders, as well as the performance of its marketing supply chain. In 2016, this will include a dedicated online resource portal, global member audit of skills and proficiencies, strategic briefs, webinars and roundtables, and PR advocacy.

Central to the campaign will be the Certified Training Sourcing Center. This online resource allows training course developers, online education platforms, academic institutions, technology vendors and integrators the ability to profile their courses and learning programs, provide demos and video endorsements from customers, as well as have CMO Council review board members conduct a standardized due diligence in order to become certified by the CMO Council’s Digital Marketing Performance Institute.

Program Themes

  • Marketing Performance
  • Marketing Talent
  • Marketing Innovation