Over 8,000 Alumni Executives Now Able to Tap CMO Council Domain Expertise, Connections and Content

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council today announced a cooperative knowledge sharing agreement with the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California. The HBSANC represents one of the largest concentrations of Harvard Business School alumni in the world with over 8,000 members in the San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Sacramento metro areas.

The partnership will give HBSANC members ( complimentary access to a wide range of CMO Council ( thought leadership content, research reports, best practice studies, on-demand and live webinars, in-person gatherings, as well as interviews, podcasts and video segments with brand leaders worldwide.

The linkage will also give members of HBSANC access to CMO Council strategic interest groups (such as the Customer Experience Board), Elite Exchange Circles, and its affiliated organizations. These include the new Growth Officer Council and Growth Guidance Center (, as well as the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network ( 

The CMO Council will make premium library subscriptions ($495 value) and free access to available at no cost to paid members of the HBSANC. Members will need to sign up online at a dedicated registration page and provide the necessary verification of HBSANC membership.

As part of this agreement, the CMO Council will help the HBSANC:

  • Further global knowledge exchange among its membership and engage alumni in strategic conversations and research programs run by the CMO Council and affiliates

  • Extend the cooperative content sourcing relationship to other HBS alumni clubs globally via the HBSANC membership

  • Invite select and relevant HBSANC members to present or participate in surveys, webinars, dinner dialogues, virtual CMO roundtables, and LinkedIn groups

  • Gain access to the exclusive executive level job board at


HBSANC is one of the largest HBS alumni clubs in the world catering to more than 8,000 alumni across Northern California. For over 40 years, HBSANC has been helping alumni stay connected, get inspired, and create impact in their communities through a diverse set of educational, career-focused and socially-conscious initiatives.  HBSANC organizes over 100 events annually that enable alumni to learn and network by engaging with thought-leading HBS professors, respected CEOs, and noteworthy HBS alumni making a meaningful difference in their sectors. 

Key initiatives such as Community Partners, Start Up Partners, and Alumni Angels add to the entrepreneurial verve of Silicon Valley while contributing to the mission of Harvard Business School in educating leaders that make a difference in the world. Over the last year, HBSANC has launched a number of virtual events expanding its reach beyond Northern California to HBS alumni nationally and globally.

About the CMO Council

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is the world’s most influential network of marketing leaders dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, strategic thought leadership and inter-personal relationship building. Its global membership base includes heads of marketing, digital, data, revenue and customer experience, as well as brand decision-makers across a wide range of private, public sector, education and non-profit markets. The CMO Council's 16,000-plus members represent 10,000-plus companies and control nearly $1 trillion in aggregated annual marketing expenditures. Members of this peer-powered content community run complex, distributed marketing, sales, eCommerce, customer engagement and channel operations worldwide.