Vice President, Global Marketing and Intelligence

Cambrex is a life sciences company with more than 35 years of active pharmaceutical ingredient API development and manufacturing expertise in both branded and generic API markets. Matthew Moorcroft, Vice President of Global Marketing and Intelligence, says he joined Cambrex to be a part of a growing team that emphasizes data-driven decision making.

“When I first joined the company, compared to our larger global competitors we were considered outside the top tier, and needed to increase our marketing efforts to differentiate our products and services, as well as monitor and keep pace with new industry trends. Today, we are now considered a world-class API manufacturer through our hard work and focus on our core competencies in small molecules, and our solid five-year growth strategy has culminated in being the recipient of several industry awards as well as the most recent Fortune award for the Top 100 fastest growing companies in 2017.” His goal as the marketing leader was to build a marketing and intelligence team that could successfully roll out a data-driven, decision-making culture as well as to rebrand the company to help it achieve recognition as a global player in its brand equity and market perception.


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