Vice President of Corporate Marketing
Century Communities

Century Communities is a US homebuilder of single and multi-family residences in Colorado, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Founded in 2002 and ranked 26th in Fortune magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies, the company’s mission is to create thriving neighborhoods with lasting livability. Julie Satalowich, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, says that every action they take, from selecting locations to architectural design and integrating efficiencies, reflects the deepest considerations of their customers.

“If you look at traditional brick and mortar storefronts, that business model is being challenged, and in many cases, disappearing. My role is to harness all available technologies, regardless the industry, that allows Century Communities to adjust to consumer demands and allow us to be a pioneer, not a follower,” Satalowich says. “I believe that at the end of the day, customer experience is the ultimate growth driver.”


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