US and Global Head of Marketing
ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals Inc. is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of precision therapies for patients with rare cancers. The company was recently acquired by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and the acquisition of ARIAD is aimed at enhancing Takeda’s global oncology portfolio and reinforcing its commitment to developing medicines to cure cancer. Mohamed Ladha, US and Global Head of Marketing for ARIAD, says that the fundamentals of growth are defined by their ability to reach patients in their category

“Our growth is defined by how many patients we are able to treat based on their eligibility for our treatment and whether the FDA has allowed us to promote our products to them,” he says. “On top of quantifying growth by the number of patients we treat, we also consider how long we are able to keep those patients engaged in our therapy.” He says that given the highly regulated nature of the pharma industry, every key message must be pre-cleared by the FDA. Messaging focuses on two key target markets: the end patient and the pre- scriber. “Our growth is defined by how creative we are in our messaging, especially given the constraints we face in such a highly regulated market,” he states.


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