Head of Enterprise Marketing

Lyft is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S. and is available to 95 percent of the US population and Toronto, Canada. Samantha Goldman reports to the chief business officer as part of the Enterprise team and is closely connected to the overall Marketing organization at Lyft. Her team is responsible for both buyer and passenger awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty, with an emphasis on rides as the key growth metric.

Goldman says her current strategy within her team is to focus on one vertical at a time, and when it comes to identifying those opportunities within distinct verticals, she employs a strategy that combines alignment with sales and data from rides. “Marketing and engineering must work together to fill data pipelines to achieve the degree of personalization that today’s customer demands," she explains. “The issue is rarely on the surface; you need to dig deep to truly understand the success or failure of a given campaign,” she says. “When I first started in marketing, identifying the root cause of a problem was simple. Today, there are so many factors at play that you have to dig in, and you need to have a process in place to do that.” Goldman believes that as growth marketers, the ultimate responsibility is to ensure that all actions taken across functions live up to the brand promise. 


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