Vice President of Marketing

Flipkart is India’s largest eCommerce marketplace, with a registered customer base of more than 100 million users. Shoumyan Biswas, Head of Marketing since 2013, says marketing is responsible for the end-to-end management of customer journey and what they call M3: marketing, merchandising and monetization.

“Growth is the common point that connects all teams at Flipkart,” he says. Growth means both sustainable and competitive and at any given moment we are all aligned on that definition.” Marketing has always been customer-centric, but in today’s digital environment, marketing decisions increasingly rely on data science. “Successful marketers make use of multiple touch- points to engage customers in an omni-channel environment,” he says. “But technology has not yet evolved to the point where we can have a singular view of the customer or even recognize that it is the same customer across those touchpoints (both online and offline and also both internal as well as external touchpoints)”. He believes that marketing, as the function most closely tied to the customer, is key to driving long-term, sustainable growth.


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