Chief Marketing Officer
Aston Martin

CMO of Aston Martin’s luxury sports cars, Simon Sproule, says that the company has had a turbulent history, with many years of pro t interlaced with years of loss, 2017 saw the highest unit sales in nine years, with profit growth of a quarter-billion pounds. A December acquisition of the AM Brands business fully integrated the group’s licensing and luxury brand partnership activities, representing a step toward unifying Aston Martin’s global brand strategy, expanding visibility and relevance of the brand to new audiences.

In 2015, the company announced its Second Century Plan, which called for a diversification into new vehicle categories and an increase in overall production volume. The goal was to boost earnings without compromising Aston Martin’s reputation for exclusivity, style and engineering. “Our CEO, Andy Palmer, along with the global management team, came together to create a seven-year roadmap, which we announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2015,” Sproule says. “That comprehensive roadmap laid out product renewal, product expansion, business expansion and dealership expansion with the goal of sustaining profitability, generating positive free cash flow and building a more aggressive product pipeline.”


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