Chief Marketing Officer
Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a leading cloud-based platform for the mortgage finance industry, offering technology solutions that help enable mortgage lenders to originate loans quickly in order to help lower their overall origination costs, all while helping ensure the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency. Susan Beermann, CMO, highlights that, given the level of transparency in the mortgage industry, there is direct insight into the number of closed loans overall and the number that flow through Ellie Mae, making it easy to analyze how the company stacks up in terms of market share.

“Today, Ellie Mae processes over 30 percent of all US mortgages, but despite this success, we are always looking at ways to increase our revenue and market share,” she says. “We aim to trigger growth through everything from revenue expansion for new products and services to increased transactions with current customers and even powerful partnerships and acquisitions.” However, while acquiring new customers is vital to continue gaining market share, she says it is important not to lose sight of growth gained within their existing customer base. The company aligns its activities over a five-year strategic plan, driven by the head of corporate strategy, as well as yearly plans that are laid out for each line of business. In addition, the different teams work closely together to determine how these plans will be supported across the organization.


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