Nadine joined DIRECTV in late 2012 and is responsible for all communication for the satellite TV company; its media plan and performance; the programming strategy that includes sports marketing, original production of content and events; and management of each of the company’s products. She is also a member of the DIRECTV Regional Communication Committee, participating in the decision making of the communication strategy and development of regional trade. She previously worked for 16 years at American Express Argentina as Vice President of Marketing and Loyalty for both Argentina and the region. She also worked as a consultant for Citibank, contributing to the development and launch of the Elite Citigold segment in Argentina. During her tenure at DIRECTV, she has been able to consolidate the product strategy, leveraging growth and consistently increasing market share in Argentina. She also helped to position DIRECTV as a programming and sports content leader by widening the competitive gap and launched the first DIRECTV regional mini-series produced in Argentina.

In 2014, Pavlovsky received the Jerry Goldenberg Award for Best Marketing Professional and recently was recognized with the Women to Watch 2015 Award (first edition in Argentina). She is also part of the Board of FUNDALEU (a foundation that fights leukemia). She earned her master’s in organizational communications management at Austral University and her business administration degree at Catholic University.