Kurt Frenier is currently the VP Sustainability and Hydration, PepsiCo Beverage Group at PepsiCo and is committed to making the PepsiCo beverage portfolio healthier. He previously served as VP Global Marketing and VP Global Brand Marketing and Transformation, leading global brand development for PepsiCo's beverage portfolio including Mountain Dew, 7UP, Mirinda and energy drinks. Prior to this role, he served as Senior Marketing Director Beverages for PepsiCo MEA, leading the beverages agenda as well as long term strategic innovation. His expertise covers brand strategy and development, new product development, media strategy and planning, consumer insights, and marketing planning and execution. Kurt started in market research before building a very successful career in brand and strategic marketing. At Keystone Network Research he learned that research is the basic cornerstone of understanding the consumer before building solid marketing strategies. After Keystone Network, he worked for 2.5 years for Nutricia/Numico as Brand Manager. Afterwards he joined food & beverage giant Pepsico, the company where he truly built his career. Kurt started as Marketing Manager Benelux and then worked in Dubai as Region Group Director and Innovations Director for Middle East & Africa. He had an “interim escape” from PepsiCo after 5 years, holding the position of Marketing & Marketing Communications Director at BASE/KPN Belgium, in the telecom industry. He returned to PepsiCo after one year to pursue international assignments. First as Brand Director for Europe (2004-2007) and then as Group Marketing Director for MEA (2007-2013). Kurt's leadership is inspiring, his enthusiasm contagious and his professionalism unparalleled. He excels at bringing the best out of his teams. He has a thorough understanding of the deeper dynamics that govern brands, marketing and communication. He knows how to implement his knowledge effectively and with a can-do mentality. In the last 10 years he has built an exceptional expertise in innovation and innovation strategies. He played a key role in initiating what is now PepsiCo's cornerstone strategy: Performance with Purpose. His hobbies include writing (young adult novels, children books and fairy tales), history, traveling, and aikido.