Professor Sudhir is Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management. He is an expert on competitive market strategies, with specific research interests in retailing, banking, automobile and entertainment industries. He has won several awards for his research. His work on modeling retail channels is widely used among academics to understand behavior of channel members and received the prestigious Frank Bass Best Dissertation Paper award. More recently, his research on slotting allowances in the food industry was the first of its kind to use empirical data on actual behavior of manufacturers and retailers to shed light on practice. The paper generated substantial interest in the trade press and was a finalist for the best paper award at the Journal of Marketing Research. Professor Sudhir teaches in both the MBA and Executive MBA programs. At Yale, as part of the new MBA curriculum, where functional courses such as marketing and finance have been replaced with multi-functional stakeholder perspectives such as “customer” and “investor”, Professor Sudhir leads the “customer” course. The course takes the perspective that an effective customer strategy often requires that marketers coordinate and integrate their efforts with other major functions at the firms (finance, accounting, operations, information technology and organizational behavior). Sudhir has served as a consultant to banking, technology and media companies.