Extended Content Syndication Service

The CMO Council can now provide an extended content syndication service that is powered by NetLine, the top BtoB multi-channel advertising network that includes more than 15,000 website properties, reaching a monthly audience of 75 million unique visitors. NetLine's services will be able to offer the CMO Council's sponsors, campaign underwriters and thought leadership marketers an expanded, multi-channel content delivery network that supplements the 2,200 affiliates and channels already served by the CMO Council. Using NetLine's audience analytics engine and targeting technology, the CMO Council will be able to more precisely promote its reports, studies and white papers through BtoB websites, blogs, email, and social and mobile channels.

Together, NetLine and the CMO Council now offer program sponsors an expanded multi-channel delivery capability to maximize content consumption and response through email, multiple websites, webinars, events/conferences, dinner dialogues, online professional networks, social media, mobile devices, e-newsletters, display advertising and organizational affiliates. NetLine's pipeline performance infrastructure is used by leading BtoB marketing and media agencies including Adobe, Citrix, Google, Hewlett-Packard, HubSpot, IBM, Oracle, SAP, SuccessFactors and Symantec.

NetLine's content distribution network spans multiple industries and reaches many functional areas–such as IT, finance, back-office operations, sales and service/support–that are critical to marketing operational effectiveness, digital marketing innovation, data integration and insights gathering, as well as customer experience/relationship management. NetLine goes beyond standalone lead generation, providing a full suite of pipeline development services, including lead verification, cultivation and conversion.

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