Solution Sourcing and Member Savings

When asked for the measures and metrics that define growth for the modern CMO, 95 percent of CMOs said revenue was their top marker of success. But while the business was focused on measures like gross margin, market share, retention and stock valuations, CMOs were focused on brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Only 32 percent of CMOs had leveraged shifts in brand value as a core measure of business growth and success.

It’s time to put a proper value on your brand. The CMO Council has partnered with the world’s leading independent brand business valuation consultancy to offer CMO Council members with an opportunity to establish a brand valuation, understand how that valuation stacks against global, regional and even industry peers, and deliver a tangible, finance-based metric to a brand’s stature, strength and growth.

Brand Finance, headquartered in London, is dedicated to bridging the gap between Marketing and Finance by valuing the intangible assets of a brand that drive business performance. Through their valuation assessments and expansive League tables, Brand Finance can provide a CMO visibility and a better understanding of marketing finances. For more than 20 years, Brand Finance has helped companies to connect their brands to the bottom line, building robust business cases for brand decisions, strategies and investments.

Custom Brand Valuation Report and Presentation of Findings

A Brand Valuation Report provides a baseline value of the brand. Each report provides brand valuation segmentation and comparison over time, and includes an analysis of brand strength as compared against up to five industry competitors. The Brand Strength Index is then tabulated including a benchmark of brand investment, funnel, loyalty and stakeholder behavior. Brand Finance will also include an analysis of implications and assumptions that can impact strategy and investment decisions moving forward.

This is an in-depth, finance-based view of brand value, firmly tying brand and marketing activities to the bottom-line impact. Each valuation will delve into key points of analysis including Branded Business Valuation (establishing the value of the business operating under your brand), Brand Contribution (the economic contribution the brand brings to the business), Market Valuation (the value of the legal rights to the income stream based on your trademark and brand IP) and Intangible Asset Valuation (the valuation of your IP portfolio).

Together, this brand and business valuation helps CMOs more directly tie their efforts to business performance thanks to an evaluation of the return on investment of brand-based decisions and strategies.

CMO Council members who purchase a Brand Valuation Report will receive 2x free membership to Brand Exchange (worth $1,000) AND ½ day consulting advice (worth $2,500).

League Table Reporting

Each year, Brand Finance values over 5,000 public brands across 160 countries. These brands are then ranked and enhanced with brand-specific commentary that best positions why brands have risen or dropped in the value ranking. The most popular, and most successful, League Table costs $6000, with smaller tables available starting at $1,250. These tables allow for access to top 25 tables within dedicated verticals (i.e. Healthcare 25, Media 25) and can include access to expanded reporting (up to 500 brands) by industry (i.e. Telcoms 300, Insurance 100, Commercial Services 50) or region (i.e. Global 500, US 500, UK 150).

League Table review and access is the starting point to better understand where your brand stands compares to regional, global and industry competition. But it also provides a critical view into what makes league table gains possible and profitable.

To learn more about the Brand Finance solutions and offerings for CMO Council Members, please complete the form below and a CMO Council Service Concierge will immediately connect you with the team at Brand Finance to secure preferred services and pricing.