Cabinet M

Introducing CabinetM

The platform helps teams build marketing stacks to track and manage the tools they buy, build and retire. The reporting capability allows organizations to identify redundant products, expense and performance issues and gaps in their marketing technology suite. Enterprise wide visibility helps eliminate duplicate spend and time wasted evaluating and testing products that are already in use or have been rejected by other teams in the organization. Sitting at the core of the platform is the industry’s largest database of more than 8,500 MarTech, AdTech and SalesTech products that marketing teams can access to find the additional tools they need

The subscription-based CabinetM platform is designed to help streamline workflow management among and between teams around planning, researching and management of marketing technology strategy, acquisition and implementation. The five platform components include:

  • Collaboration architecture to support working at an individual, team or enterprise level.
  • Marketing stack framework to map, track and manage acquired and internally developed technology
  • Contract tracking system to manage subscription renewals and cross-functional purchase agreements
  • Messaging and reporting functionality, based on permissions, to promote cross-functional visibility of technology efforts
  • Enterprise SkillStack environment to manage internal technology proficiency.

All CMO Council Members will receive:
Extended trial (30 days)
10% discount off base price (a value of over $100 per month)
Onboarding fee waived (a value of over $1,500)

Premium Members will receive:
Extended trial (30 days)
20% discount off base price (a value over $200 per month)
Onboarding fee waived (a value of over $1,500)
Complimentary SkillStack Assessment report (an average value of $1,500)
To take advantage of this opportunity, visit to submit a request to kick off an extended trial and start building a stack.

All CMO Council Members and Premium Members will receive an email with exclusive discount codes to gain access to these savings. If you have not received a code, please contact Saagar Patel, Marketing Operations Coordinator to confirm your membership status and receive your CabinetM savings code.