The CMO Call for Transparency

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Digital video advertising efficacy: measuring performance.

Video marketing is an increasingly effective engagement strategy within the modern customer journey, as detailed in the report Engage at Every Stage: An Investigation of Video Activation, with 96 percent of marketers reporting they will increase video investments this year (2018). Despite these plans to invest, only 3 percent of marketers agree with the current viewability standards established by publishers like Facebook and Google. As over three-quarters of marketers (78 percent) are being judged on their contribution to sales, it is imperative to increase investments in partnerships capable of delivering metrics that actively monitor relationships between engagement and direct business results. Yet, only 27 percent of marketers are actually leveraging sales as a metric for video advertising due to current viewability standards and inflated metrics impeding an ability to quantify video advertising success. Therefore, 92 percent of marketers are demanding metric transparency, reliability and accuracy from media partners, including total transparency into traffic, viewers and engagement (73 percent), real-time access to customer data and intelligence (45 percent), and performance-based billing based on business outcomes, not inflated metrics (40 percent). Additionally, 21 percent of marketers have already cut back video spend in certain channels. The future of investment into video advertising is dependant upon greater metric efficacy to align with marketer goals as revenue and growth leaders, otherwise, publishers, ad networks, agencies and partners run the risk of losing accounts.

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