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Advancing Analytics

How Insight Fuels the Marketing Engine

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Marketers today are challenged with how to effectively aggregate data sources that must collect both structured and unstructured data, in addition to identifying those streams of data that are actually critical to improving engagements and experiences with customers. And while there is no shortage of data, the key is to have a view into those points of intelligence that can most impact each step of the customer experience.

According to our recently released “State of Marketing 2012”report, 43 percent of senior marketers plan on enhancing their existing marketing teams with new talent to manage marketing data and customer analytics. Marketers are also advancing their personal understanding of customer intelligence and marketing analytics as a key route to furthering their leadership and professional development. “Advancing Analytics: How Insight Fuels the Marketing Engine” illustrates in greater detail the steps that marketers are taking to gain maximum value from this critical source of customer information.

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