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Experiential Marketing Center


Converting Fans, Friends, and Followers into Loyal Customers
Using Experiential, Event and Cause-Directed Marketing Strategies

This online resource center curates third-party content, CMO Council research and domain expert input to further sponsorship marketing precision, predictability and performance. Areas of focus and investigation include:

  • Sources and services to evaluate, compare, direct and measure sponsorship options, as well brand sponsor suitability, fit, synergy, relevance, purpose, and shared narrative for both internal and channel stakeholders.
  • Scope and discipline of sponsor due diligence on audience size, quality, mix, make up, segmentation, attributes, intentions, behaviors, geo-concentrations, attributes, limitations, engagement options, as well supporter, booster, fan, and enthusiast followings (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)
  • Ways digitally savvy brands are using social media (SM) channels and AI-powered, real-time data analytics to extend the reach, impact, and value of sponsorships, endorsements, and cause-related marketing contributions.
  • Best practice insights to help drive interaction, emotive connections, conversations, community and following; innovations that trigger consumer engagement, sales activation, brand affinity, purchase incentive, product consumption, and repeat sales.
  • Case studies of brands making fans through structured sponsorship marketing, formalized social media strategies, real-time intelligence gathering, crowdsourced content, emotive engagement, creative interaction, online events, contests, etc.
  • Risks and rewards, as well as the need for systems, processes and controls that ensure sponsor value, ROI, accountability, responsibility, brand compliance/safety, and reinvestment.

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Curated Facts & Stats

In the age of multimedia, 34% of advertisers have turned to guerrilla marketing tactics as marketing decision-makers swear by its media efficacy and reach in the 21st century.

Source: Basa Studio

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Trade Show and Conference Planning industry was $21.7bn in 2023.


Sponsorship is estimated to amount to just over $50 billion per annum. Global advertising continues to grow at around 3% per annum and sponsorship is growing at 4% per annum.

Source: B2B International

This year brands will invest over $68 Billion in sports, entertainment, cause, and event sponsorship properties.

Source: Forbes

Brands and advertisers spend over $35BN in sponsorship every year only in Europe as they look to leverage the unique association with sport and entertainment platforms within their marketing mix strategies.


Sponsorship has become an essential element in the modern business landscape due to its ability to enhance brand visibility, build credibility, create emotional connections, access targeted market segments, and leverage networking opportunities.

Source: Faster Capital

More than ever, sponsorship expertise is shifting from agencies and rights holders to brands. Big properties are now building dedicated sponsorship teams and developing niche expertise.

Source: Elevent

Many event professionals understand the importance of putting on an event with sponsorships but still struggle with developing a strategic approach to securing sponsors.

Source: Stova

Sponsors need time to consider the opportunity, sell it internally, make a decision, plan leverage, and implement that leverage – all before you launch whatever it is you’re doing. Because it’s leverage that turns the opportunity you’re selling into the result they need.

Source: Power Sponsorship

While motorsports, golf, and baseball are known to draw an older demographic, all sports leagues are trying to renew their audiences to maintain viewership and commercial value.

Source: Elevent


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