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More Relevance, Greater Resonance

Aligning the CMO + CIO to Drive Customer Insight, Intimacy and Engagement

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Sponsors and Partners:


Technology and customer data access have become the essential enablers of marketing effectiveness, creating more adaptive, intelligent marketing organizations and more responsive, customer experience-centered corporate cultures. Today’s savvy CEO is seeing the critical need to better align, leverage and mesh IT groups, database repositories and digital infrastructures with marketing functions and assets worldwide.

Owning customer insight has become the new mission and mandate of the CIO (in effect, the Chief Insight Officer) as they strive to integrate and extract value from disparate data sources inside and outside the organization. Employing digital marketing platforms, advanced analytics and predictive modeling, CIOs are helping marketers better target and access market segments; improve response, retention and revenue streams; as well as deliver more required and desired products and service experiences. New social network, mobile media and Internet content delivery channels are becoming key determinants of customer voice, affinity and advocacy, requiring new strategies, talents and resources in both marketing and IT organizations.

As leading change agents, the CMO and CIO have to be tightly coupled in the journey to optimize customer lifetime value through more personal, timely, targeted and engaging interactions with diverse audiences. The ultimate objective is “customer relevance,” a state of being that makes brands robust, resilient and highly valued in the market.

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