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Omnichannel's Missing Link

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Sponsors and Partners:


Omnichannel is driving business—or at least the idea of it is driving business strategy. In reality, however, achieving an omnichannel customer experience can be difficult. To better understand where and how marketers are truly leveraging the power of omnichannel in ways that are meaningful for both the business and the buyer, the CMO Council, in partnership with Netsertive, will engage in a thought leadership audit to spark discussion around the real definition of the omnichannel experience. This dialogue will aim to understand where gaps exist across touchpoints that are valued by the customer, including critical local experiences.

Among the key issues to be shared are:

  • Where and why experience gaps exist and what marketers believe the impact could be if these gaps continue to grow
  • The impact of the ever-shifting digital and physical connection behaviors of customers
  • How marketers intend to keep up with the pace of expectation—the expectations that customers now have to be known and recognized
  • Best practices in managing the expansive landscape of customer connection and key wins in delivering exceptional experiences to customers online and at the store around the corner

The findings of this audit will be shared in a CMO Council white paper to be published in the fall of 2016.

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Curated Facts & Stats

Executives have noticed: 81% percent of CxOs anticipate more digital interaction with customers by 2020, and 66% expect more focus on customers as individuals.

Source: Silver Pop

    55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place.  

Source: DMNews

64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investment as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing.

Source: DMNews

90% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels.

Source: DMNews

30 percent of marketers say data quality is their biggest hurdle to leveraging marketing databases (Dun & Bradstreet).

Source: DMNews

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Source: Google

Only 45% of retailers cite omni-channel efforts as a top priority for their business in 2015.

Source: Forrester

61% of customers have not been able to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service.

Source: DMNews

Top retailers see double the growth in mobile's share of transactions, widening the gap with average retailers in the space. Nearly four-in-ten transactions occurred on multiple devices and were completed on a mobile device almost a third of the time.

Source: Criteo

December, being the festive season, is always a month where a lot of people spend their time shopping online, survey-based data shows that 23% of the population bought something online from their PCs, while 11% bought from a site using their smartphones.

Source: eMarketer

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  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Engagement