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Product Adaptation to Meet Consumer Expectation

How Agile Marketers Improve Response to Customer Feedback

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Today’s consumer expects their behaviors and actions to lead to swift action from the brands they choose to do business with. Making this more complex is that, for most companies selling products through retail channels, this expectation for speedy response to requests also comes from a second source: the retail customer.

To investigate how brands are meeting and exceeding these expectations for responsiveness and action, the CMO Council is partnering with Esko, Pantone and X-Rite to determine how organizations are responding to consumer requests as the pace of the omni-channel experience continues to change. The study will investigate how organizations are faring when it comes to responding to customers and leveraging customer data and intelligence to deliver the right experience, in the right moment, through the channel of the customer’s choice, whether it is a physical or digital touchpoint.

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Curated Facts & Stats

52% of online consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging.

Source: MarketingProfs

90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase.

Source: MarketingProfs

40% of consumers would share a photo of packaging if it is interesting.

Source: MarketingProfs

48% of global consumers don’t believe most brands take action on customer feedback.

Source: Customer Think

67% of global consumers across all age groups expect brands to respond within 24 hours to their customer service questions, complaints or praise on social media.

Source: Customer Think

91% of unhappy customers will not return to purchase products.

Source: Userlike

52% of consumers polled like it when customer service is personalized to them and their interests.

Source: DMNews

61% of customers have not been able to easily switch from one channel to another when interacting with customer service.

Source: DMNews

One-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging.

Source: MarketingProfs


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  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • CX Strategy
  • Retail Marketing
  • Customer Engagement