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Profitability from Subscriber Acuity

Embracing Behavior-Based Pricing Models

Sponsors and Partners:

Sponsors and Partners:


The CMO Council conducted an authority leadership program with HP Enterprise Services, which aims to reveal the value, impact and benefits of leveraging Actionable Customer Intelligence when applied to behavior-based pricing models in the Communications Service Provider (CSP) Sector.

Due to the changing demands of customers, ranging from increased data consumption to a call for a more robust and personalized customer experience, today's Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are pressured to rapidly meet market demands while optimizing revenue and boosting bottom line growth.

"Communications Service Providers must match their offerings with the needs of their customer, yet so often, the market tends to chase competitor models rather than identifying models that leverage their knowledge of their customers behaviors," said Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of the CMO Council. "Our goal here is to better understand how CSPs are utilizing "big data analytics" around usage patterns, content consumption habits, app activity, value-added services, device preference and mobile service dependencies to formulate Actionable Customer Intelligence to create more personalized, relevant and profitable pricing models and experiences."

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