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Protection from Brand Infection

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Extending the conversations started in the CMO Council’s Secure the Trust of Your Brand initiative, Protection from Brand Infection , a new strategic interest study, will focus on enterprise brand protection and take a deep dive into the brand image and integrity issues and implications of online counterfeit sales, gray market knock-offs, phishing attacks, cyber squatting, email scams, online brand and trademark abuse, domain kiting, pay-per-click fraud, copyright and patent infringements, as well as product piracy and fakes.

Protection from Brand Infection will determine the degree to which senior global marketers are sensitized to, and concerned about, brand hijacking, product piracy, cyber fraud, and other Internet reputation risks. It will also quantify the impact these incidents are having on brand trust, confidence, credibility and affinity among consumers, channels and business partners. Through both enterprise and consumer research, the program will identify and promote best practices for pre-empting digital and/or physical counterfeiting and containing or mitigating the resulting damage to bruised or battered brands while engaging in conversations with leading global marketers about the strategies and effectiveness of resources, solutions, and services being employed in the both the detection and protection of brand infection worldwide

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