Protection from Brand Infection

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Extending the conversations started in the CMO Council’s Secure the Trust of Your Brand initiative, Protection from Brand Infection , a new strategic interest study, will focus on enterprise brand protection and take a deep dive into the brand image and integrity issues and implications of online counterfeit sales, gray market knock-offs, phishing attacks, cyber squatting, email scams, online brand and trademark abuse, domain kiting, pay-per-click fraud, copyright and patent infringements, as well as product piracy and fakes.

Protection from Brand Infection will determine the degree to which senior global marketers are sensitized to, and concerned about, brand hijacking, product piracy, cyber fraud, and other Internet reputation risks. It will also quantify the impact these incidents are having on brand trust, confidence, credibility and affinity among consumers, channels and business partners. Through both enterprise and consumer research, the program will identify and promote best practices for pre-empting digital and/or physical counterfeiting and containing or mitigating the resulting damage to bruised or battered brands while engaging in conversations with leading global marketers about the strategies and effectiveness of resources, solutions, and services being employed in the both the detection and protection of brand infection worldwide



Studies & White Papers


One CMO’s View: How Security Relates to Marketing • David Lewis, Message Systems

Counterfeit Goods on Premises: Third-party liability actions target owners of property where business is conducted • New York Law Journal

Brand Jacking Index Spring 2008 • MarkMonitor

2007 State Piracy Report • Business Software Alliance

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting a Global Healthcare Menace: A New Technology Tool • XStream Systems

The Negative Consequences of International Intellectual Property Theft: Economic Harm, Threats to the Public Health and Safety, and Links to Organized Crime and Terrorist Organizations • International Anticounterfeiting Coalition

Collecting Legally Defensible Online Evidence: Creating a Standard Framework for Internet Investigations • Vere Software Investigative Tools


SpotlightOn: Counterfeiting
This video was created by INTA in cooperation with SpotlightOn to raise public awareness of the social and economic damage caused by counterfeiting. Introduced in early 2007 on United States public television, the video had more than 500 airings throughout the United States, with over 3 million viewers. Watch »

The Today Show: Avoiding Counterfeit Luxury Goods Online
When you think of counterfeiting, you likely think of deals on Prada shoes, Chanel purses and cheap D&G sunglasses. But according to the RCMP and U.S. Homeland Security, the world of counterfeiting has become a serious threat that can even kill. According to Interpol, an estimated 5 to 7 per cent of total worldwide trade is made up of counterfeit goods. Watch »


Upcoming Events


  IBC Legal's 2nd annual Online Brand Protection 2011

Highlighting and examining the latest challenges faced by brand owners in the digital environment

September 28th | Le Meridien Piccadilly, London, England

More info here »
Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting Summit 2011

After amazing feedback from brand owners and solutions providers alike at last years Amsterdam Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Conference Legal IQ are delighted to announce the dates of the this years meeting. The event will once again take place in Amsterdam on the 29th and 30th of November. Bringing together senior brand owners from many different industries to discuss the very latest insights into the war on counterfeit goods and overall Brand Protection.

 November 30- December 2 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

More info here »