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What's New That Has Long-term Viability, Value and Glue?

A CMO Council Member Engagement Program to Understand What Marketing Technologies are Topping the CMO Shopping List

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Global marketing organizations are under pressure to become intensely technology, mobility, and connectivity driven. And, needless to say, more security sensitive when it comes to protecting customer privacy, data, brand assets and marketing supply chains. This is placing a real burden on chief marketers to stay abreast of the latest marketing technology innovations and become more adept at evaluating, sourcing and implementing new applications that are relevant, usable and valued.

Deploying new platforms and solutions that massively scale and personalize the customer interface and bring new efficiency and effectiveness to multi-channel campaigns, CMOs are drawing on analytics and insights to make faster, better and more impactful decisions. CMOs are fast-becoming devotees and disciples of Big Data. Particularly, in the interactions with C-level peers. 

Top-line revenue growth—the CMO’s number one deliverable—is increasingly tied to essential IT-powered processes and capabilities. These include customer data integration and analytics, prospect profiling and intelligence gathering, online market engagement and relationship management, sourcing and qualification of leads, conditioning and conversion of opportunities, and ongoing handling and retention of valued accounts.

Better use of real-time transactional and behavioral data is allowing CMOs to be more clinical and effective in their approach to segmenting, targeting and accessing critical audiences. Database infrastructures are increasingly being tapped for valuable personalization and one-to-one marketing campaigns, as well as customer revenue optimization programs. The advent of ubiquitous, interactive digital connectivity and mobile always-on communications channels is opening up new worlds of customer engagement, co-innovation and individualized relationship marketing. However, only 15 percent of marketers surveyed by the CMO Council believe their companies are doing an extremely good job of integrating disparate customer data sources and repositories.

In leading up to the DEMO Traction gathering in Boston on September 16, 2015, the CMO Council and IDG partnered on a cooperative thought leadership program. This research was aimed at understanding chief marketers willingness to embrace MarTech innovation; primary areas of new MarTech focus; level of interest in breakthrough solution offerings; and criteria and requirements for new MarTech vendors to be qualified and selected. It also looked at deployments and use cases that quantify the value of new marketing technology.

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