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Advantage AI: Target, Personalize, Optimize

Utilize AI & ML for enhanced B2B customer engagement

The CMO Council, in partnership with HCLSoftware, will undertake new research and thought leadership initiative to explore how AI is super-charging marketing through audience targeting, hyper-personalization, and marketing optimization.

There’s a lot of opportunity to leverage AI in marketing for competitive advantage. A recent CMO Council survey of marketing leaders found that 30% of top performers use AI pervasively in multiple systems, while only 4% of bottom performers say the same thing.

“Advantage AI: Target, Personalize, Optimize” will audit, identify and showcase best practices for using AI in marketing. Specifically, the program will cover AI capabilities needed to deliver personalized experiences, such as:

  • Intelligent Targeting: AI identifies, targets and nurtures customers (and buying teams) in real-time based on patterns in customer and market data.
  • Dynamic Content Generation: AI creates and delivers messages tailored to an individual based on the person’s profile, past and present behavior, historical patterns, predictive analytics and more.
  • Continuous Optimization: AI tests, learns and adapts automated marketing activities to drive better outcomes, which leads to more effective campaigns.

Related topic areas will include customer data quality (i.e., accuracy, validation, timeliness), dark data cleansing, platform integration, plans for AI in the next 12 months, and more.

The program will consist of a quantitative survey of marketing leaders, as well as in-depth interviews with executives. Findings will be developed into a new industry report, along with thought leadership content such as infographics, press materials and presentations.



Curated Facts & Stats

The increasing prevalence of AI-generated information is likely to drive a significant change in how consumers seek out information. Traditional search engines like Google may see a decline in user traffic as consumers pivot more and more toward embracing AI tools such as ChatGPT to answer their questions. This shift signifies a growing trust in artificial intelligence to curate and deliver relevant content.

Source: WSI World

In 2024, the continual rise of smart speakers and voice assistants will reshape how businesses prioritize voice search optimization. A game changer on the horizon is the concept of Search Generative Experience (SGE). This shift will enable a seamless exchange of information, allowing users to engage in natural conversations with search engines as if they were interacting with a knowledgeable assistant.

Source: WSI World

The Rise Of Intelligent Machines: In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of everyday life and virtually no industry or aspect of our lives is untouched by it. In truth, no one knows where the AI revolution will take us as a society or as a species, but our actions in 2024 will be critical to setting us on a path that leads to a happy outcome.

Source: Bernard Marr/Forbes

Macroeconomic trends, first-party data and the influence of artificial intelligence will all be instrumental for marketers next year.

Source: Marketing Week

The relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing is growing. According to McKinsey, generative AI’s impact on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy. In 2024, marketers should make use of AI-powered technologies to optimise performance.

Source: Marketing Week

AI helps humans with quality control or generating step-by-step training documents. It can also assist with generating customized product designs, such as for packaging, or devising new product ideas. Other areas of AI disruption include automated warehouses and robots, such as for moving packaged products in storage.

Source: Supply Chain Dive

Although AI and automation continue to rock the content landscape, 2023 will be a year of going back to the basics. Namely, creating content that puts the needs of your target audience first.


The ‘Integration of Influence’ and why it’s reshaping Influencer Marketing strategies as we know – from traditional product placement to the power of storytelling; co-creativity to amplification.


With proper guardrails in place, generative AI can not only unlock novel use cases for businesses, but also speed up, scale, or otherwise improve existing ones.



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