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Customer Value Creation from Live Data Interpretation

Using Real-Time Insights to Understand the Digital Life of Telco Subscribers, Fulfill Unmet Needs, and Realize Revenue Growth Opportunities

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The CMO Council defines an architecture and model for how chief marketers can generate greater customer value, affinity and revenue growth through live data interpretation. The goal is to develop a more intimate understanding of subscribers’ digital lives, unmet needs, and willingness to pay for more personalized and relevant service offerings.


Report will be released January 29, 2019.

The CMO Council has undertaken numerous studies that reveal the majority of CMOs are more focused on pre-sales cultivation, conversion and customer acquisition, rather than realizing a better return from existing relationships that can be more effectively monetized, scaled, and strengthened to reduce churn, defection and detraction. 


In this regard, the CMO Council views customer value creation as all the elements that go into uplifting the customer experience and engendering a higher level of customer satisfaction, retention, repeat purchase and positive word-of-mouth. The CMO Council considers customer revenue optimization as those strategies, practices, techniques, data analytics, and insights that advance the profitability, return, value and longevity of customer relationships.


The scope of this program includes:


  1. Definition of the architecture and model for chief marketers and their internal ecosystem (other stakeholders) to generate greater customer value
  2. The types and importance of different data sources & analytics for customer value management and improvement
  3. The business drivers and business objective KPIs for customer value management and improvement activities
  4. Best practice profiles and reference cases across different industries


Through a quantitative audit and deep-dive interviews with senior marketing leaders in the telecommunications industry, this program explores how marketers can do more with their data and make better use of real-time insights, personalization, AI technologies, machine learning, cloud services and computing at the edge.


Key industry thought leaders included in this research include:

  • Frederic Dufal | VP of Marketing Strategy | Orange
  • Enzo Scarcella | COO | MTN
  • Errol Vangraan | Chief Officer of Customer Operations | Vodacom
  • Nilanjan Sarkar | GM, Consumer Business Unit, Vodafone
  • Robin Seow | Head of Global Marketing | Singtel
  • Chandrashekhar Singh Chauhan | CMO | Airtel
  • Stefan Streit | GM, Global Marketing | TCL
  • Jose Henriques | Strategic Advisor | Cell C
  • Ayman Alnasif | Head of Expats | Saudi Telecom Company

Some of the key topics we are uncovering in this research initiative include:

  • How marketers are centralizing and putting today’s deluge of data to work, as well as finding new ways to extract value from multiplying sources of insight (IoT, MarTech apps, third-party APIs) and unstructured content (both inside and outside the enterprise)
  • Issues of data availability, accessibility, quality, timeliness, dependency, disorder, drag, delay and dysfunction
  • The competitive imperative to leverage real-time, refined data for revenue growth, customer gratification and trusted decision support
  • Helping functional business leaders review, value and prioritize data assets; gives them a self-assessment tool to identify most relevant sources of data, and determine what types, sources, formats, and interfaces would boost marketing and business performance
  • Gaps and deficiencies in the data value chain as it results to customer journey, path to purchase, lifetime value, and end-to-end experience

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China has the world’s fastest rate of growth in total IoT connections. By 2020, the number of IoT connections in the country alone will reach 8 billion. An estimated 1.08 billion of these connections will be delivered over cellular networks.

Source: Machina Research

China Mobile is the largest Mobile Service Provider in the world, currently serving over 890 million customers.

Source: Light Reading

According to Ofcom’s latest consumer mobile expierence report, smartphone users across the UK place much greater importance is placed on browsing rather than calls.

Source: Ofcom

According to research conducted by Hootsuite, smartphones are the world’s preferred choice for going online. They account for a greater share of web traffic than all other devices combined.

Source: We Are Social & Hootsuite

More than 200 million people got their first mobile device in 2017, and two-thirds of the world’s 7.6 billion inhabitants (5.135 billion) now have a mobile phone.

Source: We Are Social & Hootsuite

The number of mobile phone users in 2018 is 5.135 billion, up 4 percent year-on-year.

Source: We Are Social & Hootsuite

Internet users in China reached 668 million in June 2015 and 549 million of those users, almost 90%, accessed the internet on a mobile device.

Source: Marketing Week


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