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Getting In Sync with Mobile Customers

The Mandate for Real-Time Relevance in a Connected World

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Sponsors and Partners:


Mobile technology and the advent of tablets and smartphones have transformed whole industries and are changing customer behavior in ways that impact marketers around the globe. More than just another channel, mobile is digital and social at the same time. It’s making the quest for marketers to stay in sync with the customer journey infinitely more complex and nuanced as the digitally empowered customer now has new expectations for a fully connected, mobile, personalized and relevant experience.

At the same time, the stream of digital data from mobile enables marketers to learn more about customer preferences without being intrusive, opening avenues to inform product development, packaging, pricing, distribution, contact policies, and more.  Mobile is about location, but it’s also about time and mind-set. It requires a new marketing mindset that envisions the delivery of relevant content in parallel to the aggregation of this rich customer intelligence. More than ever, mobile has become the corner stone to experience, and it’s never been more important to be relevant in real-time with today’s mobile customers.

During this study, the CMO Council explored the changes in customers’ mobile behavior, the pulse of the market, the definition of a mobile-first strategy, how analytics are being leveraged for mobile, how brands are measuring mobile success, and more. The final comprehensive report consists of findings from an online quantitative survey as well as qualitative features from brands leading in mobile. The CMO Council also conducted video interviews to capture executive perspectives and best practices around turning big data pain into mobile engagement gains.

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Curated Facts & Stats

Almost 70 percent of YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices.


56 percent of consumers report visiting a brick-and-mortar store after receiving a deal or offer on their mobile device when they were near the store.


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