CMO Council's Strategic Interest Group: Marketing Supply Chain Institute

Program Overview

Marketing Supply Chain Institute

The Marketing Supply Chain Institute is a dedicated knowledge center focused on benchmark studies, cost audits and competency assessments, content aggregation, report publication and syndication, peer-to-peer interactions, best practice development, vertical industry analytics, and global models and frameworks for strategic sourcing and supplier management.


Go-to-market is a business critical, highly complex, and carefully sequenced process today. However, there can be multiple points of disruption, distress and deficiency in this ecosystem, which is essential to value creation and competitive advantage for any consumer or business marketer. This program combines a series of best practice interviews with a comprehensive demand chain performance audit to address how well marketing content and consumables are delivered to the front line, as well as how this impacts sales effectiveness, revenue generation and customer retention.



Program Themes

  • Asset Management
  • Marketing Supply Chain
  • Marketing Operations

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