Program Overview

Outsmart Adversity

Weathering Economic Headwinds to Emerge for Growth

With economic headwinds ahead, this year will test marketing’s mettle. Can you balance investments across brand and demand? Can you clearly and persuasively articulate marketing’s value? Most importantly, when the weather clears, will you be ready for growth? These are the unsettling questions in the minds of CMOs today.

The answers lie in the strengths and weaknesses of four core marketing pillars:

  • Doubling on Brand and customer loyalty+retention
  • Customer acq. through media marketing/advertising
  • Leveraging unstructured data to measure CX

Our program is designed to help you identify and shore up capabilities in each of these pillars. We will examine the challenges and opportunities marketing leaders face when preparing for and emerging from economic uncertainty with renewed revenue growth. We will also learn what marketers most confident in weathering the storm are doing differently.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • How social media engagement inform marketing personas and lead to loyalty, retention and customer lifetime value
  • How advocacy and conversational commerce impact revenue and brand equity
  • How AI-powered CX management underpins and powers data, unification and actionability
  • And more!



Curated Facts & Stats

The gap between generations in terms of wealth and property ownership will continue to drive global and social change in 2024. According to research conducted in 2023, the median wealth of millennials (born early eighties to late nineties) is less than half that of baby boomers (born mid-fifties to mid-sixties) at the same age.

Source: Bernard Marr/Forbes

Macroeconomic trends, first-party data and the influence of artificial intelligence will all be instrumental for marketers next year.

Source: Marketing Week

The relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing is growing. According to McKinsey, generative AI’s impact on productivity could add trillions of dollars in value to the global economy. In 2024, marketers should make use of AI-powered technologies to optimise performance.

Source: Marketing Week

With constant change in the marketing, media, and tech landscape, it’s nearly impossible for CMOs to keep up with what the job demands. And let’s add the inherent misalignment between the CEO and CMO around customer obsession to the list of stressors. The good news? CMOs who show up as strategic business leaders don’t just drive results but are viable CEO successors.

Source: Forrester


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