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The New Rules of Engagement

Sponsors and Partners:

Sponsors and Partners:


Customers—and their expectations for relevant exchanges and experiences with the brands they do business with—have forever changed the rules of engagement. To better understand the new mandates and realities that marketers face when engaging with today’s digitally connected customers, the CMO Council, in partnership with Bazaarvoice, has launched a thought leadership initiative aimed to understand both marketer and customer positions around the customer journey, customer loyalty and the insights needed to exceed expectations.

Among the topics to be covered in this research are:

  • The channels, campaigns and tactics that are being deployed by marketing decision makers in an effort to influence shopping decisions and deepen customer loyalty, advocacy and trust
  • The channels and media mix being used by brands that most effectively reach and engage customers—from the customer’s point of view—as well as what influences their buying decisions and what misses the mark
  • The points of intelligence and insights that can aid marketers in establishing robust journeys, vetting and testing creative, and confirming customer experience strategies
  • Trends in technology, from personalization to ad blocking, that are impacting the development of effective marketing strategies and customer journeys
  • Where and how customers are delivering voice and customer-generated queues…and how marketers are understanding and accessing these signals as customers rewrite their own rules of engagement

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Curated Facts & Stats

When asked about overall coupon usage, 92% of respondents reported using coupons in the past year for purchases.

Source: PRRI

62 percent of Americans say they print online coupons.

Source: PRRI

56 percent of consumers report visiting a brick-and-mortar store after receiving a deal or offer on their mobile device when they were near the store.

Source: PRRI

More than 80 percent of consumers in a survey reported signing up for email offers specifically to receive discounts.

Source: PRRI

Almost 60 percent of consumers in a study were unlikely or very unlikely to return to a business they had experienced poor customer service from, even if a trusted friend said the service had improved.

Source: Kayako

Executives have noticed: 81% percent of CxOs anticipate more digital interaction with customers by 2020, and 66% expect more focus on customers as individuals.

Source: Silver Pop

53% of marketers don't have the data to personalize content at all.

Source: DMNews

52% of consumers polled like it when customer service is personalized to them and their interests.

Source: DMNews

While 36 percent of marketers say that the market has become more cluttered and confusing over the last five years, both online and offline, 31 percent say that they are able to provide better customer experiences due to the accessibility of customer intelligence that enables them to become more relevant to customers.

Source: CMO Council

Top retailers see double the growth in mobile's share of transactions, widening the gap with average retailers in the space. Nearly four-in-ten transactions occurred on multiple devices and were completed on a mobile device almost a third of the time.

Source: Criteo

Program Themes

  • CX Mapping
  • Customer Behavior
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Engagement