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While iAd’s flashy banner ads ultimately failed, big brands are once again lining up to buy into the technology giant’s month-old app-install ads, Search Ads, which let marketers pay to promote their apps at the top of search results within the App Store with a listing that’s labeled as an ad.  More

Fierce CMO

In a recent study by CMO Council, 35 percent of marketers admitted that their companies have a data strategy in place, but it is not embraced by the entire team. Furthermore, as many as 23 percent said that no strategy exists at all. More

Mobile Marketing Magazine

As Instagram adds Stories to its Explore tab, Chris Hall, founder and CEO of branding automation firm Bynder discusses why brands should only use new marketing opportunities when they have clear brand guidelines and collaboration processes in place. More


Despite all the access to data, marketers still struggle to see beyond their own walls, as few are currently able to leverage data that informs them of actions and behaviors across other partners or even their own retail Web sites. More


It's a cliche, but as many invariably turn out to be, the suggestion that a picture paints a thousand words really is true. Scan through your email inbox and you'll see that nearly all branded messages will arrive accompanied by a picture. More


A new white paper Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement, which includes insights from 166 senior marketing leaders and 2,100 North American consumers is now available. More


In a recent survey of over 160 brand marketers and 2,100 North American consumers, Bazaarvoice and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council uncovered insights into modern consumers’ desire for relevant personalized advertising and the challenges marketers face in meeting them. Is your brand equipped to meet these consumer expectations?  More

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