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Too many marketers continue to rely on last-click attribution, according to a report by ClickZ, without understanding the value played by all touchpoints in the customer journey. Here are six drivers of multi-touch attribution, by author Sam Carter,that will play a big role in 2018. More


Recently, while visiting the West Coast, I had the opportunity to attend an incredible meeting of board members and executives from a variety of organizations and industries. More

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The CMO Council and Deloitte study found that 70% of CEOs expect CMOs to lead this effort. Yet according the study, just 1 in 6 of the 200 participating CMOs reported spending a lot of their time teaming with leadership executives on global business and strategy. More


According to a report by the CMO Council, 68% of CEOs expect CMOs to act as primary growth/revenue drivers in their businesses. More

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Don't let technology distract you; put it to good use, says Deloitte's first CMO. More


Spotify booms, Snapchatters' habits and brand-safety concerns More


Stop marketing and start engaging. More

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It’s not surprising when you look at the current landscape of content management systems that many companies are reevaluating their use of web CMS technologies and experience platforms. More


According to a new report from the CMO Council and Deloitte LLP, the role of the CMO has become much more complex in today’s digital, always-on world. More