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Marketing Mandate 2020: Pivot Your Plans, Optimize Your Spend

Get started on creating 30-60-90 day action plans to increase efficiency and value out of every dollar

Sponsors and Partners:

Sponsors and Partners:


It is safe to say that marketing plans this year have been thrown to the wayside. A more pressing challenge has emerged: How do marketers pivot plans to drive greater business outcomes with fewer dollars? Given these uncertain times, its essential marketers get the highest returns from their marketing spend.


Getting more bang for the buck. Doing more with less. Working smarter, not harder. More than ever, marketers need greater efficiency and agility in the challenging months ahead. They require strategies for maximizing returns on prior and existing investments, effectively managing assets and agencies, and improving campaign planning and spend.


The CMO Council and KPMG discuss how marketers can make smarter marketing decisions across key elements of their portfolio — martech, content, agencies, and campaigns. The four-part webinar series will focus on actions marketers can take immediately.


Part One: Maximize Returns on Martech Spend

Part Two: Optimize Value of Content

Part Three: Stretch Spend Through Better Agency Management


Part Four: Increase Plan and Spend Agility


Curated Facts & Stats

Global advertising spend is forecast to grow 4.4% globally this year, and by 2024, is forecast to surpass $1 trillion advertising spend.

Source: Marketing Week

95 percent of survey respondents said they were likely to invest in and deploy intelligent spend management [within the next year]


Only 32 percent of content teams regularly evaluate content effectiveness or impact. The most frequent reason why is vague goals


Marketing leaders report utilizing only 58 percent of their martech stack's potential


Brands' concerns with agency partners range from the need for better design and creative (33 percent of respondents), different pricing models (30 percent) to more flexible working models (25 percent)