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2024-03-25 08:00:00 2024-03-25 09:00:00 Asia/Singapore CCO & Enterprise Leaders Summit 2024 This high level leadership Summit brings together internal champions and enterprise leaders driving change needed for customer transformation. CMO Council cmoteam@cmocouncil.org

CCO & Enterprise Leaders Summit 2024
Connecting the Dots: Building a Digital-First, Customer-First Enterprise

March 25, 2024 - March 28, 2024
8:00 AM Asia/Singapore


The Chief Customer Officers (CCO) & Enterprise Leaders Summit brings together internal champions and enterprise leaders driving change needed for customer transformation. This premium conference is the focal point for cross-functional leaders – Customer, Data, Digital, Technology, Marketing and Operations – to break down silos and drive real change enterprise-wide.

This premium summit will take place in 2024 in the lead up to The Customer Show Asia Expo, which will take place in March 2025.

CMO Council Panel Discussion on March 26th
Using Richer CX Insight to Scale Interaction, Transaction and Satisfaction

As market pressures increase and margins erode, the commitment to operational excellence and back-end efficiency frequently lags, often undermining the quality and consistency of the connected customer experience and the level of brand advocacy and affinity. At a time when, customer retention and relationship management should be a top priority, many companies are being forced to cut corners, extract more revenue from existing customers, and reduce customer handling and support personnel. 

Siloed, distributed data still remains unconsolidated and untapped from a customer insight and intelligence gathering perspective and marketing groups rarely have a hook into the evolving social media universe, as well as cloud-based customer service and support centers, in an effort to monitor, recover or prevent churn, defection, account loss or turnover issues. Or, for that matter, leverage opportunities to upsell and cross-sell at the frontline point-of-interaction.

Despite the power and influence of socially networked, digitally savvy consumers, few companies today have deployed real-time social listening, customer feedback and pre-emptive response systems that quickly identify and alert management to problems, issues or risks in the everyday customer experience and across multiplying channels of interaction and content consumption. They lack good governance and are not culturally, organizationally or operationally compliant to quickly remedy and address deficiencies in the customer experience. Chief marketers, however, are in a position to lead the way when it comes to defining, driving and delivering on the promise of a “Customer-Intuitive Enterprise.” 

Consumers have stated that a single negative experience with a brand can alter the decision to do business with a company. According to a Harris Interactive poll of over 2,000 adult consumers, 80 percent of consumers will never go back to an organization after a negative experience. Marketing’s mandate is to revitalize sagging loyalty and retention numbers and drive top line growth through deeper, more meaningful engagements with customers across all touch points. Senior marketers must now, more than ever before, upgrade customer interactions in order to foster lasting and profitable relationships. 

Vivek Kumar, CEO of WWF-Singapore and the chairman of our CMO Council advisory board in APAC will moderate the panel. Joining him to share their insights and perspecitves on this topic during the CMO-led panel discussion, will be:

  • Devendra Shivhare, Head (Director) - Marketing Technologies, Asia Pacific, The Coca Cola Company
  • Sisca Margaretta, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications - Asia Pacific, Visa
  • Sushmita Mohapatra, Global CX Strategist, Reckitt 

DOWNLOAD the agenda to The Chief Customer Officers (CCO) & Enterprise Leaders’ Summit.

Amid global economic uncertainty, the ever-evolving technology landscape is fundamentally altering customer behavior. This brings an inherent complexity in how technology is integrated within enterprises, making it business-critical for close collaboration amongst cross-functional teams. 

8 Key Modules on Critical Transformation Strategies at the summit include:

  • Digital Transformation in a High-Tech World
  • Data-Connecting the Dots Enterprise-Wide
  • The Rise of Phygital Experience
  • The Rise of Gen Z
  • Cross-Functional Accountability for Customer Strategies
  • Game Changing Innovation for Real-Time Customer Interactions
  • Leverage Internal Champions for Customer Transformation
  • AI-Driven Customer Transformation

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  3. Giving Customer Voice More Volume: Customer experience is still very much a work in progress for senior marketers who admit their companies are failing to take decisive, company-wide action to integrate customer voice and experience into key business and marketing processes. Download Report>



Devendra Shivhare

Devendra Shivhare

Director of Marketing Technology, The Coca-Cola Company

Devendra Shivhare is Director of Marketing Technology at The Coca-Cola Company, overseeing the Asia-Pacific region, spanning more than 15 countries. His primary focus lies in the realm of digital experiences, marketing automation, AI, CRM, and digital media; driving consumer audience expansion, elevating personalization efforts, triangulating identity data, bolstering brand awareness, and optimizing the efficacy of advertising campaigns. His purview spans an array of domains, encompassing digital marketing, advertising, media, customer experience (CX), B2C relations, eCommerce, and more.

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Sisca Margaretta

Sisca Margaretta

SVP, Head of Corporate Communications-Asia Pacific, Visa

Sisca Margaretta is the newly appointed Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications - Asia Pacific, at Visa. She was previously CMO of Experian Asia, where she was responsible for all marketing, communications, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and client insights strategies and implementation across all business units. Sisca firmly believes that customer loyalty is the best brand and business strategy, focused on creating reciprocal value for customers. She has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and branding across global markets, including at international banks.

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Sushmita Mohapatra

Sushmita Mohapatra

Global CX Strategist, Reckitt

Sushmita Mohapatra, is the Global CX Strategist at Reckitt, and a senior marketing leader with proven track record of delivering high growth in businesses across sectors, ensuring quantifiable marketing ROI and significant revenue uplift. She has deep expertise in full-funnel marketing, mining insights behind data analytics, brand research analysis, first-party data acquisition and engagement projects. Sushmita has more than 10 years of regional strategic, and in-market operations experiences, spanning across many countries (South-East Asia, Korea, India and more).

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Panel Host

Vivek Kumar

Vivek Kumar

Chief Executive Officer, WWF SG

Vivek Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer for WWF Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature), leading brand management, web infrastructure, digital marketing, strategic communications and external relations. Vivek and his team lead campaigns focusing on conservation and climate change goals, and he works closely with communities, businesses and governments to advocate for positive change. Vivek has over 20 years of diversified leadership experience in MNCs such as Shell Retail, WPP Group PLC, and large public sector entities such as the NTUC, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (FCIM).

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