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On social media and elsewhere, brand marketers are in a pitched battle for share-of-voice and to ride a rise in demand. Unfortunately, most are in the dark about shifting consumer behaviors, emerging industry trends, creative assets that truly resonate, and the strategy and tactics of their competitors — a dearth of information and insight. But here, you will find some intelligent answers. Data gleaned from social media campaigns, including dark ads, shed light on what’s happening today and what’s trending tomorrow, while AI extracts actionable insights that brand marketers can take to produce immediate results.

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In a survey nearly two-thirds of respondents said they rely on in-house employees to drive creative, with 22% noting that creative is driven by a C-suite leader such as the CEO or CMO.

In a survey 82% of respondents shared they have shifted campaign creative based on what creative ads their competitors were leveraging in the market, creating inefficiency in how this data on competitors is getting to CMOs.

38% of media buyers admit to not leveraging competitive insights to effectively shift media buys in real time.

More than two-thirds (68%) of survey respondents reported regularly leveraging competitive insights to shift digital advertising and media spend.

Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents (63%) said they regularly monitor competitive insights and competitor brand ads and campaigns manually with their marketing team, with more than half of respondents saying that their CMOs and C-suite executives are regularly flagging competitor promotions to the media execution team.



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