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Help Small Grow Tall.

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The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council is launching a Comeback America campaign in the H2 of 2020 to assist SMBs “get on-track to bounce back" through digital marketing skills development, new growth recovery strategies, and preferred services, product pricing and support from big brands. We invite large enterprises, associations, publishers and digital media channels to join our coalition to "Help Small Grow Tall." Our goal is to boost the micro-enterprise economy by helping SMBs become digital wise to energize their varied routes to revenue.


This multi-faceted motivation, coaching and expert knowledge transfer program will build on and expand a previous blueprint for that was in the pipeline before Covid-19 pandemic hit. Help Small Grow Tall will activate professional sports alumni and business retirees in local communities to become ambassadors, boosters, motivators, coaches, advisors, spokespersons and even beneficiaries of the program if they are self-employed or running a micro enterprise.


The campaign will be funded and supported by a coalition of big brand members of the CMO Council serving small to medium enterprises. These include category leaders in marketing/CRM, technology, office products, transportation/logistics, financial services, lending, payroll, payments, benefits, insurance, healthcare, eCommerce, and other product and service areas. Many of these were surveyed by the CMO Council in its landmark study was entitled “Business Traction from Smarter SMB Interaction: Advancing Excellence in Enterprise SMB Marketing.”


The CMO Council is conducting outreach to its “big brand” members to source free or discounted digital marketing and customer engagement tools, commerce-enabling cloud platforms, business advisory services, financial support programs and preferred pricing on office products, technologies, media buys, and marketing supply chain solutions. These will be aggregated on a campaign website and extended to small business owners to help them "get back on their feet to once again compete."


The CMO Council will also enlist support from select social media channels, TV/radio networks, newspaper groups, magazine publishers, online channels, payment processors, community banks, accounting and tax firms, financial software providers, insurance companies, etc. to provide in-kind services and possible employment opportunities for sports alumni and business retirees. 


A wide-ranging thought leadership content marketing campaign, in partnership with the Digital Marketing Performance Institute, Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, Growth Guidance Center and other affiliated groups, will be undertaken to:

  • Promote best practices in recovery and revenue generation
  • Provide expert knowledge, mentoring and coaching
  • Audit, benchmark and upgrade digital marketing competencies
  • Introduce self-help, eLearning and growth guidance tools
  • Run virtual engagement, training, development and mentoring programs
  • Present helpful, media rich and easily “snacked” advice and playbooks
  • Crowdsource curated third-party, visually versioned content
  • Enable peer interaction and business partnering
  • Recognize and award comeback marketing success


Audience development will be undertaken through partnerships with large list source providers, database marketers, credit card companies, content syndicators, digital and print publishers, social media groups, and business/professional service leaders.


Engagement channels will include a multi-functional portal, LinkedIn groups, content syndication network, email communications, billing inserts, partner web sites, public service announcements, PR, TikTok and YouTube content, social media networks, professional membership groups, etc.


Get involved by reaching out to Bryan DeRose at 

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Curated Facts & Stats

The government has earmarked some $660 billion in financial aid to small business since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: The New York Times

Some $130 billion in small business aid still has not been used.

Source: The New York Times

More than 70 percent of small businesses in America have received financial aid.

Source: Financial Times

There are roughly 30 million eligible small businesses in the U.S. Only 1.6 million businesses received money through the first round of the program.

Source: Forbes

One in four (24 percent) small businesses have shut down temporarily in response to COVID-19.

Source: MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce

1,500+ small business owners found that more than half of them didn’t think they could continue operating for more than three months amid current conditions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Goldman Sachs


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