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How To Compete and Not Get Beat in the Digital Retail Marketplace

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The CMO Council and its Digital Marketing Performance Center is teaming with eBay Advertising to help product marketers (across fashion, sporting goods, electronics, automotive, home & garden, toys & hobbies, health & beauty, financial services, etc.) gain a more complete understanding of the scale, data richness and customization capability of eCommerce Global Communities. This will be done in the context of their ability to drive sales, improve advertising effectiveness, and increase repeat and associated product purchase.

The thought leadership initiative will help brand marketers assess the level of visibility and insight they have across the customer buying journey and along the path to purchase. It will encourage them to embrace Micro-Moment Marketing and gain more visibility and insight into what channels and investments are influencing and shaping customer discovery/awareness, consideration/purchase, as well as ongoing engagement and retention.

Marketers will be challenged to evidence how they are using data and real-time insights to “gain greater satisfaction from every customer interaction” and whether they have the ability to “scale the way they track the digital buying trail.” The program will examine best practices of advertisers and retail partners using eBay and showcase how they are using proprietary data and insight to execute smarter customer acquisition campaigns that key off seasonal, event, price, and more personalized offers and promotions.

Topics to be explored include:

  • How marketers view the disruptive and transformative nature of Global eCommerce Communities and online marketplaces like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and others.
  • To what degree, are these always open, price-driven shopping, trading and auctioning channels impacting and influencing go-to-market strategy, transactional margins, and traditional retail distribution models.
  • What percentage of manufacturer revenue is now coming from online commerce and how do marketers expect this will shift in the year ahead in terms of resource allocation and business results.
  • What benefits do Global eCommerce Communities offer in terms of how a brand or channel partner can reach, engage, convert, support, satisfy and repeatedly sell target customers.
  • What might worry brands about the enormous economic clout and market-making capacity of giant online retailers and large, aggregated communities of predisposed buyers and motivated sellers.
  • How well are product advertisers sourcing “shoppergraphic” insight, mass customizing and localizing digital ad messages, and evaluating campaign effectiveness.



Facts & Stats

Cyber Monday hit a new record of $6.59 billion in sales, making it the largest U.S. online shopping day ever.

Source: Adobe

The five most profitable items to sell on eBay are books, video games, electronic tablets, Lego and bicycles.


There are 168M active eBay buyers worldwide.


In its 2017 2nd quarterly report to shareholders, eBay added two million new active buyers, for a total of 171 million global buyers on the marketplace. This represents a 4% growth vs. same quarter last year.


90% of consumers say that they go from one device to another every single day, and 91% of them turn to their phone for ideas in the middle of a task.

Source: Google

Since 2014, mobile users have surpassed desktop users for the first time in history.

Source: comScore



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