Press Releases

Mar 16, 2009

Milestone Thought Leadership Campaign Launches to Help Service Providers Exceed Customer Expectations Via Improved Management of the Customer Experience

CMO Council's New Customer Experience Board Initiative to Drive Best Practices for Delivering on Brand Promises and User Satisfaction Levels


Feb 23, 2009

Global Marketing is Today's Most Complex and Challenged Busines Operational Unit, Says CMO Council Report

Marketers, Challenged by Change-Adverse Cultures and Lack of Cross-Functional Automation, are Tasked to Repair Fragmented Operations that Constrain Go-To-Market Efficiency and Effective Customer Engag


Jan 26, 2009

Companies Missing Big Opportunity to Turn Customer Pain into Competitive Gain, Says CMO Council Report

Study Implores Marketers to Drive Major Changes in How Companies Measure and Optimize Customer Experience and Advocacy; Critical Need To Improve Listening and Responsiveness Across Organizations


Jan 6, 2009

Reinvent Mobile Conducts Milestone

CMO Council and Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Lead Mobile Computer Industry Initiative to Co-Innovate and Engage with a Global Community of Technology Users


Dec 17, 2008

CMO Council Research Finds 80-20 Rule Obsolete: Today's Consumer Products Market is Anything But Mass

Shoppergraphic Data Highlights Need to Identify and Engage


Dec 16, 2008

Malware and 'Malicious Intent' Most Prevalent Cyber Threats; Seniors Main Targets of Fraud Complaints Shows Cyber-Seniors Are Primary Targets of Online Fraud; New Slam the Online Holiday Scam Initiative to Raise Awareness


Dec 8, 2008

Full Revenue Potential of Customers Not Being Realized, Report 76 Percent of Marketers

CMO Council Study Shows How Marketers Are Mapping New Routes To Revenue In '09; Better Customer Data Integration and Analytics Seen as Critical to Revenue-Generating Strategies and Marketing Efficie


Nov 10, 2008

Groundbreaking Industry/User Co-Innovation Campaign Launches Around Mobile Computing

Reinvent Mobile Initiative to Give Millions of Mobile Computer Users More Say in What Technologies and Designs Come to Market


Oct 9, 2008

New Research by CMO Council Reveals Companies are Failing to Realize Customer Revenue Potential

CMO Council Unveils Preliminary Findings of New Study on Maximizing Routes to Revenue


Sep 29, 2008

Home Depot Tops CMO Council's Audit of Customer Experience; New Study of 25 Brands Highlights Inconsistencies in Content and Touch Points

Companies Need To Unify Multiple Channels of Engagement and Ensure Consistent Messaging and Content Delivery in a Challenged and Consolidating Market, Says CMO Council Study


Sep 15, 2008

CMO Council Seeks Corporate Help for American Red Cross Hurricane Relief

CMO Council members and marketers can lend valuable and timely assistance to this emergency fundraising campaign


Sep 9, 2008

Donovan Neale-May, Executive Director of CMO Council, Confirmed as Keynote Speaker at PODi AppForum

Neale-May will share insights into the minds of C-level marketers who drive personalized marketing initiatives


Aug 12, 2008

CMO Council Releases Best Practice Report on Ways to Bridge and Bind Global Sales and Marketing Teams

90-Page Report Based On Multi-National Engagement and Invention Sessions With 100 Senior Executives in New York, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Silicon Valley


Aug 12, 2008

CMO Council Convenes Meeting of Africa Advisory Board in South Africa to Discuss Regional Issues and Challenges

The board will meet in Johannesburg to discuss marketing issues and challenges in Africa, topics around accessing global markets, and their areas of strategic marketing interest, thought leadership an


Aug 5, 2008

SAP Global Head of CRM Marketing to Kick Off CMO Summit as Elite Meet to Map New Routes to Revenue

Author and SAP CMO (Germany) Dr. Ralf Strauss Announced as Keynote Speaker 2008 CMO Council Summit; Summit Theme to Analyze, Evaluate and Pursue New Revenue Sources, Segments and Strategies.


Jul 22, 2008

Unifying Sales and Marketing Still a Challenge for Many Companies, Reports CMO Council

New Study Shows Only 40 Percent Have Formal Programs, Systems and Processes to Integrate and Align Critical Sales and Marketing Functions.


Jul 16, 2008

Adding Dimension to Customer Retention Webcast a Success

With over 185 guests in attendance, the webcast was a hive of questions and marketing insight. Exciting presentations by three panelists ensued.


Jun 9, 2008

Companies' Go-To-Market Capabilities Deemed Ineffective

Global survey by the CMO Council highlights pressing need to rethink and recalibrate marketing and sales processes, competencies and resources.


Jun 4, 2008

New Study and Best-Practices Dialogue Series to Examine Merger of Traditional Transaction-Based Print Content with Marketing Techniques

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council today announced the launch of a new thought leadership initiative,


May 21, 2008

CMO Council Launches Online Talent Sourcing Center for Members

The new center provides professional opportunities and assists much-needed sourcing of new skills and competencies in global marketing groups.