Press Releases

Oct 17, 2007

Marketers Confront Brand America to Unlock Potential in Growing Global Business

CMO Summit Keynote Speaker, "Rebuilding Brand America" Author Dick Martin, to Delve into the State of America's Brand Promise and How Marketers Can Safeguard Global Business


Oct 4, 2007

Less Burn, More Return: CMO Council Gathers the Elite in Marketing to Address How to Allocate, Advocate, and Account for Marketing Spend

The CMO Summit Becomes an Elite Retreat to Frame Best Practices to Eliminate the Agony of Allocation and Map the Optimized Marketing Operational Model


Sep 8, 2007

CMO Council and Boston Consulting Group Launch Global Research Initiative Focused On Go-To-Market Capabilities

Thought-Leadership Program Will Highlight Best Practices to Help Multinational Companies Enhance Marketing and Sales Effectiveness


Jun 1, 2007

GE Money, AAA, Expedia and Xerox Headline June 7 Secure the Trust of Your Brand Webcast Call Center Exposure: Limiting Leaks & Peeks

Complimentary Online Event Tackles the Vulnerabilities, Realities and Strategies For Ensuring Brand Integrity and Call Center Security


Mar 12, 2007

Challenged to Change, Senior Marketers Seek to Refocus, Reskill and Realign Their Organizations

CMO Council '07 Outlook Report Reveals Widespread Restructuring, Agency Turnover, Talent Deficiencies, Upward Spend Trend and a Metrics Mindset


Mar 6, 2007

CMO Council's Highly Regarded

Online Curriculum Program Trains Marketers to Embrace Marketing Performance Measurement


Mar 4, 2007

CMO Council to Launch Middle East North Africa (MENA) Chapter

Influential Peer-Powered Global Network of Senior Marketers Announces Launch at 2nd World CEO Forum; Regional MENA Headquarters Will Base in Dubai


Feb 12, 2007

The Forum to Advance the Mobile Experience (FAME)

Global Mobile Technology Users Overwhelmed by Device Features; Under-Whelmed by Buying and User Experience


Jan 10, 2007

CMO Council Announces New 2007 Quarter for Highly Praised "Mastering MPM" Certificate Program

Online Curriculum Program Trains Marketers to Embrace Marketing Performance Measurement


Oct 30, 2006

CMO Council Holds Inaugural Asia Pacific Event

CMO Council Asia Pacific


Oct 11, 2006

McGruff the Crime Dog Calls for Mass Immunization of America's Computers to Combat Cyber Crime

Broad-based Industry Coalition Backs Up McGruff with Web Site, Tips, Tools and Techniques Designed to Protect Kids and Families from Cyber Crooks, Predators and Other Online Threats and


Oct 4, 2006

New Study Challenges Marketing Executives to Make Security an Integral Component of Brand Trust

Comprehensive CMO Council Report Offers Marketers and Business Executives Real-World Examples and More than 50 Best Practices for Security Breach Crisis Containment and Preservation of Brand Trust


Sep 18, 2006

New Research Highlights Growing Impact of Security on Corporate Brands and Business Performance

CMO Council Study Measures Increasing Security Concerns Across Customers, Corporate Executives, Marketers and Media, but Finds Companies Too Slow in Adopting Best Practices for Crisis Containment and


Sep 12, 2006

Take a Bite Out of Cyber Crime Campaign

Top Brands and Media Form Coalition to Generate Broad Public Awareness of Information Security Issues Via TV, Radio, Print, P-O-S and the Web